“Strings to Mend”, an inaugural event conceived by local musician Seth Wade, brought live musical performances to main street at Finn’s Food and Spirits on Saturday, July 21, to raise money for the local Child Advocacy Center, The Child Center, Inc.  Local musicians, Joe Soucy, Liz Bentley, Mike Moore, Eric McKay, and Seth Wade donated their time and talents to provide acoustical performances from 2:00-10:00 p.m.  The outdoor patio was full all day with guests enjoying the beautiful weather, great food and service from the restaurant, and outstanding musical performances by the incredibly talented musicians.

The Child Center, Inc. mission is to respond to child abuse through a supportive team approach to reduce the trauma to children and their families.  A comprehensive approach is taken in response to allegations of child sexual and physical abuse to provide healing, helping, and hope to children and their families.  The primary goal of The Child Center, Inc. is to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them.

Prevention education programs with the primary focus to educate children about appropriate boundaries and encourage children to talk to a trusted adult when they need help are provided to school-age children.  Parent education programs are designed to help parents learn strategies on how to keep their children safe.

Intervention programs provide services to children when there are concerns about possible abuse or neglect, or when a child has witnessed a crime.  This may include a forensic interview with the purpose of obtaining a statement from a child in a culturally sensitive, unbiased and fact-finding manner; child and family advocacy services designed to help reduce trauma for children and be an on-going support for a child; and therapeutic services which allow children to process their experience in a safe, supportive environment.

Seth commented, “there is no organization like this, I’ve come across that I feel compelled to try and shine a light on. I’m holding this event to encourage and provide an opportunity for our community to express support for victims of child abuse.”  And, show support is just what the community did.  Tip jars overflowed with donations, raffles, and 50/50 drawings were popular, and more than $1,500 was raised with 100% of the proceeds benefiting The Child Center, Inc.  In the words of Seth Wade, “nice job Hannibal!”