Every once in awhile we are connected with a group of individuals that are truly making a difference in the world and we are so overwhelmed by the amazing work they are doing that we just have to get involved. That’s how I felt when I was first introduced to The Child Center in Wentzville, Missouri in 2014. My name is Julie Seymore and I have the privilege of serving as the Board President for this amazing organization. I have lived in the St. Charles County area for the last 20+ years with my husband Bo and our 2 children. We have worked and played in this community for a while now and I’m honored to be serving it as well.

Since joining the Board in 2014 I’ve seen this organization grow not only in the population we are serving in our 14 counties but also in staff and in the expansion of our building. We’ve been able to add more space and more dedicated individuals to our team to help accommodate the growing need for prevention and forensic interviewing services for the families we serve. Our mission is to respond to child abuse through a supportive team approach to reduce the trauma to children and their families.

Our goal is to expand services even more in all of the counties we serve and to continue to support the families that need assistance during the most vulnerable times of their lives. Child abuse is a tragic reality and the more educated we all are on it the more likely we can help prevent it. For those that have been affected by it, The Child Center serves as a resource to help link families with the judicial system, therapy, and other resources.

If your family has not been affected by child abuse, count your blessings and educate yourself and your family on abuse. If you have been affected by child abuse please reach out for assistance. Educational resources, statistics and helpful information can be found on our website www.thechildcenter.com. I look forward to serving as Board President of this amazing organization.

Julie Seymore