Children's Services

The Child Center, Inc., is here to allow children to share their experience of abuse or neglect in a child-friendly and non-threatening environment. At The Child Center, Inc., we operate by what we call the Child First Doctrine; meaning that the child and their well-being is our first priority.

TCC provides services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. We are committed to making our services and offices accessible to you. Please talk with your Child & Family Advocate if you require special accommodations or have any difficulty accessing our services.

Forensic Interviews

The purpose of a Forensic Interview is to obtain a statement from a child or developmentally disabled adult in a developmentally and culturally sensitive, unbiased and fact-finding manner. The Child Center, Inc. has expert Forensic Interviewers on staff to complete interviews for children and developmentally disabled adults who may have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and for children who witness a violent crime. This interview is the beginning phase of an investigation along with the related services to assist the child and non-offending caregiver in the healing process.

The Child Center, Inc. has taken an additional step to ensure that children and developmentally disabled adults have support during their Forensic Interview by adding a Facility Dog to our team. The presence of a Facility Dog can be a source of comfort and may allow a child to share more about their experience.

Child & Family Advocacy

Advocacy services are designed to help reduce trauma for the child and involved caregiver and to be on-going support for the child and family. Children and families participate in follow-up services which may include referrals for community support, assistance with navigating the criminal justice system, and crisis intervention services.

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services allow children to process their experience in a safe, supportive environment. Children participate in individualized interventions designed to reduce the harmful effects of the trauma they have experienced. While working with their therapist, children develop healthy coping skills, gain self-confidence, learn to understand and effectively express emotions, and are able to identify and draw on their own strengths to leave them better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Medical Exams

A Sexual Abuse Forensic Exam (SAFE) is recommended for all children who may have experienced skin to skin contact by an alleged perpetrator. SAFE exams must be conducted by a trained medical professional. The exams are comprehensive and are a head to toe exam that is non-invasive. SAFE exams are important for two main reasons: to see if there are any medical concerns or physical evidence, and to reassure the child that their body is normal and healthy.

At this time, The Child Center, Inc. provides assistance for children to receive quality SAFE's at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

The Child Center, Inc. functions as part of a Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) with partners in each of the 14 counties.  Members of the MDT may include members of Law Enforcement, Children's Division workers, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Juvenile Justice Center staff, Medical SAFE providers, child and family advocates, and mental health therapists. Each agency or professional on the MDT has a specific role in the investigation.  The Forensic Interviewer is also a member of the MDT, however, the Forensic Interviewer serves as a neutral participant.

The purpose of MDT involvement for all interviews is to assure that the unique needs of children are recognized and met.  Informed decision-making occurs at all stages of the case so that children and families benefit from a coordinated response.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Child Center, Inc. interviews children and teens ages 3-17 and adults with developmental delays who report sexual or physical abuse, neglect, or witness a violent crime.  The goal is to reduce a victim’s trauma by avoiding multiple interviews by several different investigating agencies.

Meet Reka

Date of Birth: September 21, 2013
Weight: 45 lbs
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Hobbies: Hanging out with humans- especially the little ones, cuddling on the couch, and playing ball for the thrill of the chase

Meet Oakley

Date of Birth: November 12, 2014
Weight: 63 lbs
Breed: Black Lab
Hobbies: Basketball, chasing tennis balls, fist bumping, snuggling with humans and sniffing out treats (especially tasty ones).

Our facility dogs were specially trained by CHAMP Assistance Dogs. Their primary job is to provide comfort and support to these individuals during their time of need.