Today, I interviewed a little girl who recently attended one of our prevention programs. After the program was over, she was brave enough to disclose her abusive situation.

At our prevention programs, children are provided a reminder bracelet with the name of our organization on one side and the words “Be Brave” on the other.

When the little girl came to The Child Center to tell her experience of abuse, I noticed that she wore her “Be Brave” bracelet and was fidgeting with it throughout the interview. I watched as she kept turning the “Be Brave” message to face her. She continued to look down, focusing in on that message as she described her abusive experience.

Because of her bravery, The Child Center will also possibly interview the other girls identified as victims of the same perpetrator.

Today, I witnessed the full circle of our services serving as a catalyst for healing from abuse and tragedy. Beginning with one of our staff members standing in front of children encouraging them to Be Brave and tell, to sitting and receiving a tragic story without furthering the trauma, to finally providing the therapy services and an advocate as these girls move towards healing and hope for a better future.

Forensic Interviewer