20 years of advocacy | 6,790+ abuse experiences shared | 2 CHAMP-trained therapy dogs | 107,000+ children in prevention programs

For our 20th anniversary, we are asking you to partner with us for $20 a month in 2020.

Here's what those dollars can do:

- Teach elementary students about body safety and how to talk to someone they trust.
- Give children a safe and comfortable place to share traumatic experiences of abuse.
- Improve the chances of prosecution for the perpetrator through that child's statement.
- Provide therapy for victims and their families for as long as they need it.
- Offer support for the involved caregivers for the duration of the case.
- Restore childhood and hope.


Our goal is to raise $20,000, and with your generosity, we can make that happen.


Set up a recurring monthly donation today of just $20, then ask 20 of your friends to do the same. Share your generosity on social media and tag your friends to take the challenge.

Join us in our mission to prevent and reduce the trauma of child abuse, and give children back their childhood.