Reducing the trauma to child abuse survivors

The Child Center is a child advocacy center (CAC) serving children and families in Northeast Missouri. A comprehensive, coordinated approach is taken in response to allegations of child sexual and physical abuse occurring in our 14 county service area.

The primary goal of The Child Center is to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them. Services offered include Forensic Interviews, Child & Family Advocacy, Therapeutic Services, and Prevention Education Programs.

Statement of Equity and Inclusion

As we have reflected on the last few months and discussed the state of current affairs, we wanted to express our thoughts:

The staff at The Child Center fight for humanity daily — we fight against injustice and abuse. We stand up for the voices too small to be heard.

Children who are physically and sexually abused cannot receive the justice owed to them, not to mention the healing and hope they deserve, when injustice is ignored.

That is why we at The Child Center also stand against racism and violence — and support the progress for equity. We believe that freedom from abuse and exploitation is a basic human right.

We’ve heard the cries across the country and even in our communities amplified these last few months. So as an organization The Child Center is committing to serving our diverse clients in a more culturally sensitive manner. We are committing to ensuring that each one of our staff members are trained in diversity inclusion so that we continue to stand up for the silent voices, so that we can be a more inclusive and equitable organization.

We are committed because our values stem from a belief that every human deserves to live in a safe environment, in a safe community. And we invite you to stand up with us.

Annual Statistics

Children Interviewed about alleged abuse


Children received Prevention Education


Adults Received Prevention Education