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Multiply Your Donation to Benefit Children in Your Community

It’s a Win Win! You benefit on your taxes, AND assist The Child Center, Inc. in responding to child abuse!

As the year draws to a close, and you are considering your end-of-year charitable giving, we want to remind you of the available tax credits you may qualify for with a donation to The Child Center, Inc.  Charitable tax credits allow you to maximize the impact of your donation in helping reduce trauma to children and families who are working to overcome the effects of child abuse, neglect, and violence.

Tax credits provide donors with the opportunity to “direct” their tax dollars to the causes they support, and may allow donors to contribute more to The Child Center, Inc., than they might otherwise be able to do, by lowering the total out-of-pocket cost of the donation.  In addition to the regular deductions for charitable giving, eligible donors receive a 50% Missouri tax credit thereby reducing their tax liability.

Who qualifies for these tax credits? Individuals, LLCs, partnerships, banks, and corporations with Missouri state income tax liability.

Champions for Child Tax Credit

Under the Missouri Department of Revenue, a donation of $100 or more qualifies for a 50% Missouri income tax credit under the Champion for Children Tax Credit.

Champion for Children Tax credit donations will be used towards The Child Center, Inc.’s general operating funds.

Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) Tax Credit

Under the Missouri Department of Economic Development, a donation of $500 or more qualifies for a 50% Missouri income tax credit under the YOP Tax Credit.

YOP donations will be used to support the renovation of The Child Center, Inc.’s primary facility in Wentzville, MO. The renovation will allow The Child Center, Inc. to expand and enhance victim services including child and family advocacy, forensic interviews, and therapeutic services for child abuse victims and their involved caregiver living in the surrounding counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Pike, and Montgomery.

Sample Tax Credit Gift
(for a $1,000 donation from someone in the 28% federal tax bracket)

State Tax Credit (50%)                                 $500
State Income Tax Deduction (6%)             $60
Federal Income Tax Deduction (28%)      $280

Total Tax Benefit                                           $840

If you or your organization is interested in leveraging your tax dollars and donating to The Child Center, Inc. please contact Linda Buschman at 636-332-0899 or lbuschman@cacnemo.org for more information or visit www.thechildcenter.com.

Every gift matters.