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Report Child Abuse

If you suspect child abuse, call the Missouri Child Abuse Hotline:           1-800-392-3738

If you are calling from out-of-state: 573-751-3448

Multi-Disciplinary Team 

The Child Center, Inc. functions as part of a multi-disciplinary team with partners in each of the 14 counties we serve that include representation from the following: Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Prosecution, Medical, Mental Health, Victim Advocacy, and Children’s Advocacy Centers

The purpose of multidisciplinary involvement for all interventions is to assure that the unique needs of children are recognized and met.  Informed decision-making occurs at all stages of the case so that children and families benefit from a coordinated response. Multidisciplinary intervention begins at initial hotline report and includes, but is not limited to, first response, pre- and post- interview debriefings, forensic interviews, consultations, advocacy, evaluation, treatment, case reviews, and prosecution.