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Capital Campaign

We are busting at the seams with our current staff. We are currently in the front space of the building – ADDING space in the back.  We will be expanding from 1 Interview room to 2, and each Interview room has an Observation room attached, so we have 4 room to add to the new space that requires sound proofing. Due to the current court process it is imperative that only 2 voices be heard on the recordings (the child’s and the interviewer), and with the increase in children we serve here, sometimes more than one family may be in the waiting area. We are also anticipating an expansion in our mental health services in the next fiscal year, but have no space for them (also needs to be sound proofed). This new space will be addressing these problems.

If you are interested in leveraging your tax dollars and donating to our campaign, please view our Capital Campaign Donation Form.


View our Floor Plan to see the proposed expansion.

YOP Tax Credits

The Child Center, Inc. is Awarded $109,000 in Youth Opportunities Program Tax Credits

The Child Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) Tax Credit is now available for anyone who pays Missouri State Income Tax and donates to The Child Center’s Capital Campaign.

All individuals, LLCs, partnerships, banks, or corporations with Missouri tax liability are eligible for the program. Any donation of $500 or more is eligible for a 50% Missouri state tax credit.

YOP donations will be used to support the renovation of The Child Center’s primary facility in Wentzville, MO. The renovation will allow The Child Center, Inc. to expand and enhance victim services including child and family advocacy, forensic interviews, and mental health therapy for child abuse victims and their non-offending caregiver(s) living in the surrounding counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Pike, and Montgomery. The impact of this renovation project for children and families is profound and will happen in three phases without any interruption in current services.

The Child Center is the only child advocacy center (CAC) in 14 counties of northeast Missouri serving young victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse and children who witness violence.  Children participate in forensic interviews, advocacy, mental health therapy, Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (SAFE), and school and community-based prevention education programs. The primary goal is to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them.


YOP Tax Credit Example

How does the tax credit work?

If you are in the 35% federal tax bracket and make a gift of $1,000 to The Child Center, Inc.

(*Your results may vary. Please contact your tax professional.)

If a person or business is interested in leveraging their tax dollars and donating to The Child Center, Inc. Capital Campaign they should contact Linda Buschman at 636-332-0899 or lbuschman@cacnemo.org for more information or visit www.thechildcenter.com.

The Youth Opportunity Program (YOP), administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, provides tax credits to individuals or organizations administering positive youth development projects.

The Child Center, Inc. is committed to responding to child abuse through a supportive team approach to reduce trauma to children and their non-offending family members.